Frequently Asked Questions

Quiltmaker FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you be publishing any new Quilting and Embroidery or Small Quilts issues?

While we are no longer publishing new issues of Quiltmaker's Quilting & Embroidery or Quiltmaker's Small Quilts, limited quantities of some back issues are available at We do occasionally offer machine embroidered projects and small quilts in our other issues. Be sure to check out our sister publication Creative Machine Embroidery.

May I enter a quilt from a QM pattern in a show or exhibit?

Quilts made from any element of a Quiltmaker pattern may be publicly displayed at quilt shows or exhibits with credit given appropriately in the following form: “Pattern Name, designed by Designer Name. Pattern appears in Quiltmaker Month/Month Year.".

The CD from my newsstand issue will not work. What should I do?

If you are having difficulty using the CD that was included with newsstand copies of the Jan/Feb or Mar/Apr 2011 issue of Quiltmaker, we have found a couple of tricks that may be helpful. It may be that you do not have Quicktime installed on your computer. The videos only play on Quicktime and if you do not have Quicktime, you will get an error message. Unfortunately the error message doesn't specify the problem so it may seem as if the CD is defective. In most cases it is not. The Quicktime installer can be downloaded here:

Another possibility is that your pdf file opened in Preview instead of in Adobe Reader. From Preview all of the links to other pdf files still work fine, but the link to the videos does not work. If you open the menu with Adobe Reader all links work properly. Adobe Reader can be downloaded here:

Please note these CDs are for play in computers only, not in DVD players.

I want to make a different size than is given in the pattern. Will you give me the yardage requirements?

We give alternate sizes for several patterns in each issue, but there are many variables in resizing a quilt. When a quilt works into standard bed sizes and meets our other requirements, we figure the yardage for you. Not every quilt resizes easily into a standard bed size. Diagonal settings and pieced borders are usually difficult to convey in a simple chart. If yardage is not given for a particular size, there is a reason. We are happy to listen to our readers’ requests and consider changes to how we present content in general, but we are unable to figure yardage for individual projects.

I can’t find the web extras for a pattern—where should I look?

Under the “Our Magazines” tab, choose “Current Issue” or “Past Issues.” Locate the issue the pattern is in and click to look at the pattern’s preview page. All the web extras are listed with each pattern on the preview page. Content from older issues has not all been restored. We are sorry for the inconvenience when something is not available.

I have a question about my subscription, a product or a pattern—who do I contact?

There are many different parts to our business and those offices are in different states. Under the “About Us” tab, use the “Contact Us” link to locate the contact info for your question. Also see the “Contact Us” page in every issue.

I think there’s a mistake in a pattern I’m making—how can I check?

First, please check If we know about a mistake, we’ll list it there. Then send email to and detail the problem specifically, noting in which issue the pattern appeared. Saying “It’s wrong” doesn’t give us enough information to help you; saying “The C patches do not seem to line up with the Unit 2’s” is more descriptive and helps lead us to an answer.

How do I use the alternate size charts in Quiltmaker?

When we offer alternate sizes for a quilt, we give you the yardage needed for those sizes in the alternate size chart. We also give you the critical information such as how many of each type of block to make. From there, you will need to calculate how many patches to cut. Border widths stay the same; you will need to calculate border lengths.

I lost part of my pattern. Can you replace it?

If your pattern has been lost, you will need to purchase another one.

Can I use a QM pattern to teach a class at my shop/guild/bee?

The answer depends on the circumstances. Each student must have his own copy of the pattern. You can purchase issues/patterns at wholesale or, if the issues are not available or you live outside the U.S., we can sell you the rights to make copies for your students. If you are volunteering, depending on the number of students, you may be able to make copies at no charge as long as appropriate credit is given to Quiltmaker. Each situation is different but we’re happy to make arrangements for our patterns to be used appropriately.

Can I make copies from an issue that I own? Or from an issue that is out of print?

In order to make legal copies of any pattern, it is necessary to purchase the rights to make those copies. We are usually able to sell those rights for out-of-print issues. Please contact us: or 303 215 5627.

Can my guild use a QM pattern to make its raffle quilt? or Can I use a QM pattern to make a quilt and donate it to charity?

Yes to both, certainly! We ask that you credit Quiltmaker and the original designer appropriately, such as on publicity materials and on the quilt label. Sample credit: "Pattern Name, designed by Designer's Name. Pattern appears in Quiltmaker's Month/Month Year." or "Block Name, #blocknumber, designed by Designer's Name. Pattern appears in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume X.". We love getting photos of quilts made from our patterns, so we’d invite you to send us those. You could see yourself in Sew to Speak (our reader page) in a future issue.

Where can I get the same fabrics used in a QM quilt?

Many of the quilts in QM are available as kits (for a limited time) with the same or similar fabrics. Visit for kit information. Also check the credits within the pattern for information about the fabric line, its designer and the company. Sometimes an online search using this information will lead you to the fabric.

Timing a publishing schedule with the release of new fabrics is a tricky business. If the fabric seen in our projects is not available, we suggest you use the colors in the quilt to find similar fabrics.


It has come to our attention that our subscribers are receiving marketing promotions including phone calls from individuals/companies regarding their subscriptions with New Track Media/Creative Crafts Group. These companies are sending renewal notifications (often 3-year renewals), subscription offers, and invoices and are very aggressive in asking for bank account numbers or credit card numbers.

We do not share our mailing list with these companies, nor do we ever intentionally fill orders from them or authorize them to sell New Track Media/Creative Crafts Group subscriptions in any way. We have no relationship with these companies and cannot guarantee subscriptions purchased from these companies will be sent to New Track Media/Creative Crafts Group. This is a problem throughout the magazine industry that negatively affects valued subscribers as well as both large and small publishers, as outlined in this article on MSNBC:

Below please find a list of companies that are NOT authorized to sell subscriptions for or represent New Track Media/Creative Crafts Group in any way:

Associated Publishers Subscription Services
Business Subscriber Services
Choice Magazine, Inc.
Circulation Billing Services
Discount Readers Club
First Premier Subscribers
First Premier Subscriber Services
Global Data Services
Global Publication Service
Increase Publications
Magazine Billing Services
Magazine Discounters
Magazine Offer Agency
Magazine Payment Services
Magazine Processing Center
National Magazine Services, Inc.
Periodical Billing Services
Platinum Publishing Services, Lakeshore Publishing
Premier Subscriber Services
Processing Express Solution

Publisher Discount Service
Publishers Billing Agency, Inc.
Publishers Billing Center
Publishers Billing Exchange, Inc.
Publishers Billing Services
Publishers Distribution Service
Publishers Payment Services
Publishers Periodical Service
Publishers Services Exchange
Rapid Magazine Collection
Readers Billing Services, Inc.
Readers Payment Service
Renewal Billing Associates
Renewal Billing Services
Rocky Mountain Readers Service
Subscription Billing, LLC
Subscription Renewal Service
Subscriptions Direct!
Taylor-Geoffrey, Inc
United Magazine Services Inc.

To protect yourself against identity theft, do not disclose any bank account information or credit card information to these companies.

Please note that we do use some legitimate subscription services to sell our publications. However, these agencies will not ask for bank account or credit card information over the telephone. For more secure ordering, we encourage you to renew your subscription through our mailed renewal notices or online. Our mailed renewal notices always display the magazine logo and ask that payments be sent to our customer service center in Palm Coast, Florida.


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